Proudly owned by women 👩

Taxi World

"We believe in women empowerment and that's why it's a fully women-governed organization."
- Nicky Singh

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Why "Taxi World"?

We are one of the best options who accept each demand of our customers.

Ladies Special

In this ladies' segment, we offer multiple special offers for female passengers.

Jagdalpur- Bastar-Dantewada
Jagdalpur- Bastar-Dantewada

This will be a complete package that includes fooding, lodging and visiting tourist places.

24 Hour Assistance

Our highly professional and trained team is always ready to serve you and assist you 24×7. We keep track of our customers to provide offers and the best services.

Meet the team

We are a team of more than 30 members on and off the field. For quick service, we have many field agents for proper guidance and to introduce our offers, plan package and discounts. In our team, we included 10+ lady drivers and it is one of a kind and a fine example of women empowerment. We want to reach all types of customers to provide the best and unique services.

About Us

We the “Taxi World” are specially dedicated to female travellers. Even though we have a large customer base and are continuous to serve quality services to our customers.