Jagdalpur- Bastar-Dantewada

Jagdalpur- Bastar-Dantewada

Chhattisgarh is the hidden gem of India; the state was founded on 1st November 2000. Several tourist spots are still new and undiscovered from the rest of the country. However, people from within the state are very much aware of these places but do not get enough time to explore such packages that can give them a complete tour.

But now the wait is over because the ‘Taxi world” brings you a completely new package that will cover Jagdalpur- Bastar-Dantewada. This will be a complete package that includes fooding, lodging and visiting tourist places. Although, we have elaborated the full tour below.

Tour includes 3 cities in the south-east of Chhattisgarh

  1. Jagdalpur
  2. Bastar
  3. Dantewada

We will begin our journey from Raipur because it is the capital city of C.G and our office also has many facilities of connectivity. However, this tour can be tailored and modified per the tourists’ requirements.


At first, all our passengers will gather at our office address with their belongings. If you are traveling in November-February, we suggest having some warm wear because winters are freezing in this region. By the way, before the beginning of the tour, our customers will be welcomed with some soft drinks and snacks. Our journey will begin at 7 am from Raipur to Jagdalpur, a 301 km distance. It will take around 7 hours to reach the allocated resort in Jagdalpur.

In between the journey, we will take one halt to have lunch and then directly reach the resort where all the tourists will check-in. That day you will get dinner only. The rest of the time will be free to explore. The following day will move towards the famous so-called Niagara fall of India, Chitrakoot. It is one of the state’s favorite destinations, and thousands of tourists visit this place each year.

We will also take a boat ride where you will experience the most out of it. You will get a chance to get near the waterfall. After completing this spot, we will visit a nearby restaurant for lunch and proceed our journey towards Tirathgarh waterfall, which has three waterfall stages. We are sure that it will become a lifetime experience for you guys. After completing the whole day tour, we will return to our resort and restart the next morning.


As Jagdalpur is a nearby city to Bastar district and Dantewada, our main halt will be Jagdalpur only so that it will be easy to commute from one place. Our next day will be on a Bastar tour where we will visit some of the outskirts tourist spots like Kutumbsar Gufa or cave, Mahadev temple, government-organized shops where you will get 100% naturally made products like sweets, awala, imli, and more. The whole-day tour will include all the significant spots, lunch and dinner at the resort.


The next stop will be Dantewada which is 84 km from Jagdalpur and will take around 2 hours to reach because of the hill area. The most beautiful part of this journey will be the scenic beauty and mesmerizing highway roads stretching through forest areas. The next day after breakfast, we will move towards Dantewada, which includes various world-famous spots like Dholkal Ganesh temple built in the 11th century AD, Bailadila mountain ranges sunset, Mama Bhanja temple, Indravati temple and many more.

After completing the tour, we will return to Raipur, and the tour will end with unforgettable moments.

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