Ladies Special

We are dedicated taxi service providers with a women workforce from customer assistance to drivers, which is why we are the growing trusted brand in taxi service. In this ladies’ segment, we offer multiple special offers for female passengers.

In our organization, we have 10+ female drivers, although, with a minimum of men workforce, we are pleased to introduce this package which our female customers will surely appreciate. In the below section are some specific discounts and offers we are providing, which you may read in detail.

Tailored Offers (Only for ladies)

We have various discount packages; apart from the standard premium membership package, we offer premium packages for women passengers. In this package, one will get maximum discount and offers per ride, which is as follows:

Golden Premium Package

If you are an office-going student or a business owner who travels daily from and towards a specific destination, this is the best package for you. In this we give discount on the per ride as per your below-chosen package:

  • Weekly – 1 Ride Free (same destination
  • Monthly – 5 Rides Free (same destination) + 20 km (Anywhere)
  • Yearly package – 65 Rides Free + 2 tours in a year with your friends & family, absolutely free

It is best for businesswomen or entrepreneurs who often need to travel from one destination to another for whatever reason.

Hop-on/Hop-off Package

It is the best and most economical for frequent travelers, which means those looking for instant booking for a particular destination. In this package, we are offering free rides on a package basis.

  • Weekly – 5% discount on charges
  • Monthly – 8% discount on charges
  • Yearly – 15% discount on charges + 1 tour in a year with family & friends

Discount on rented vehicles

If the customer chooses any available cars for rent, this package is for you. All the offers and discounts are provided as per the requirements:

  • Full-day rent – 5% discount
  • 2–3-day rent – 10% discount
  • More than four days – 12% discount

We need this package because we know that owning a car is impossible for most customers, but why stop dreaming when we are here to serve you? From the “Taxi world,” you are free to choose any vehicle per your requirements and rest leave on us. Not only this, but we also provide 24×7 customer assistance on breakdowns in any emergency condition.

E-vehicle Package

From the name itself, it’s understood that this option is for electric vehicle lovers. It is the most economical package of the segment; in this segment, we will not count your running/km; all you need is to charge the vehicle and let’s go!

It is suitable for all terrain and conditions, and the best part is no need to worry about fuel price and consumption because it gives you a maximum of one full charge.

Note: The customer has to choose one of the tours listed on our tour package only. One can also upgrade or degrade their premium membership package as per the requirement without any cancelation fees.

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