Why Taxi world?

There may be several taxi services available in Raipur, but a few services are still unavailable. Apart from providing cab facilities, we are also offering rent a vehicle service where customers can book any car for rent. We also offer rented cabs for weddings, functions, rallies and such events at a minimal cost.

The other major uniqueness of our company is that we have more than 90% female workforce who are self-determined and ready to serve their customers. We have more than 10 lady drivers who are specially hired and trained for ladies passengers.

We have a wide range of cars, including economic and premium ranges; our customers can book their vehicles without advanced booking. We have a wide range of fleet, and that’s why we are one of the best taxi services in Raipur. We will discuss many other features, services and facilities in this blog.

The Special requirements-

We have many customers who want tailored service like a premium luxury car with a driver for weddings/shadi, a sunroof SUV for rallies or travelling for special events, and such. This is when we, the “Taxi World”, play the role of making your moment memorable by providing our services.

There are also such demands from clients, like particular entry at the wedding which requires two/four-wheeler with props, and we fulfil this requirement also. So, no matter for which occasion you want the vehicle, we are there for you. For more such unique offers and services, please read our other blogs.

Electric Vehicle-

Nowadays, we have sensed a decent demand for electric vehicles in the market; people are not only opting for such cars because it’s more economical and nature friendly. So, the point is that we also offer electric 2/4-wheeler vehicles. If you have specific requirements, you can inform us about the arrangements.

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